Monday, October 27, 2008

How I Spent My Monday Afternoon

This is how I spent my Monday afternoon. Early voting was a new experience for me but since we will finally be hitting the road to use up some of D's vacation days next week, it was something I wanted to do. So I sat in line at the local court house for about an hour before they called my number. At least our county kindly provided benches and chairs in the hallway and we didn't have to stand outside in the cold. But I do think they are a little over-whelmed by the number of people wanting to vote early. There were only two voting stations in a cramped room that was probably a converted storage closet along with about half a dozen poll workers sorting the ballots. So my electoral duty is complete, now I just have to convince D to make the time to complete his too!

Our weekend included dinner out at a new place for us. Baxter Station in Louisville is a favorite of friend B. She ordered the Red Beans and Rice with Sausage and my D was jealous. Even though she kindly shared, he's already planning our next meal there so he can order it too!
I didn't get her D in the photo but congratulations are in order for the happy couple! Rumors of a beach wedding in a few days are circulating the neighborhood!

Plans are in the works for our upcoming vacation so the Harley is spending some time at the local dealership for some warranty issues before we leave. We are carefully watching the weather before we decide if we are riding or hauling it in the trailer. On a short trip Sunday I was able to find some pretty trees for a new header photograph. With the dry fall, the colors are sometimes hard to find.

Have a good week everyone - and vote early if you can! I'm voting for warmer weather for next week!


joeks said...

All five of us had advance voting ballots mailed to us this year! (Of course the girls needed to, because of being at school.) Decided that way we wouldn't be caught in the voting booth with a race or question we weren't aware of.

Have a great trip!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Early voting is on here, too... I heard of a two hour wait at the local library yesterday to accomplish that. If that's the case I wonder what will it be like next Tuesday? Hmmm... I might be voting this afternoon, even a long line sounds better to me than a whole day spent waiting. You know?

That sausage meal look huge!