Friday, October 3, 2008

Now You Know...

Oops! I really did not forget your birthday!

You know I called you even though you had to call me back on your lunch break. And you know that I still have intentions to find an appropriate belated birthday card! And now you will know that I am working on your birthday present and hope to get it done this weekend. You know from past birthdays that rarely have I gotten a birthday card or present off on time (but I guess that is a common trait!) You probably know that I have tried to post some photos of loved ones on their birthdays. So now you know that I finally got that done! But you probably don't know how much you mean to me, Big Sis! Happy Birthday Hugs! Thanks for all you do! Love ya!

(For the rest of you - the photo above was taken on the Kansas farmhouse front porch where we grew up. I still have my little dress - it is aqua/blue with little pink flowers. I think K's dress was pink and white. I imagine our mother made them as she did many of our dresses. It looks as if Mama got a little carried away with the scissors when she was trimming our bangs doesn't it! We always had farm cats but always one was a favorite. I don't remember this one's name but he bears a striking resemblence to "Irving" the miracle cat who several years later survived a Kansas winter in a snowbank somewhere and returned home several months later very grateful for his warm farmhouse home. This is one of my favorite old photos!)

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sarah said...

i love this picture! :)