Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mid Week Update

I actually do get some projects done and not just write about them. My sister had a birthday awhile back and now that she has received her present I'll post a photo to prove that I really did complete it. And I'm happy to say that she loves it. Now she's a really nice person and probably would say that even if she didn't, but I'll believe her anyway!

Now to go on to works in progress, here is the table runner I finished piecing last night. I'll probably keep this one for myself since it is nice and long and fits my dining room table nicely. It is adapted from a quilt in Heather Mulder Peterson's book, "Let The Good Times Roll". The fabric is Birchwood Lane by Holly Taylor for Moda. J has an order in for one too and it is in the works. It will be a different pattern though and brighter colors. And yes, those are my toes in the photo. I guess I need to put some flannel on a wall so I can stick projects up to look at or photograph them instead of spreading them out on the floor.

Now how about a smile for little J. He is getting so big! He defintely fills his car seat up more than the last time I saw him! His mama sent these pics today just in time to make the blog!

Love this photo! Hey Texas niece, looks like the family trait that you and J's Daddy shared is still a force to reckon with! (I'm predicting another lefty here though!) The quilt J is laying on is one my mother made for her one and only grandson. It features embroidered doggies on each block and is put together with brown and white polka dot fabric. J's Daddy had this on his bed for several years until I put it away as a keepsake for his son. Here it is! Looks like he's enjoying it! Some quilts are just meant to be put to use.


Sarah said...

hahaha. before i even read the words under the photo, that was my EXACT thought.

also, i just thought you were showing off a pedicure. :)

JD said...

Little man J hates hoods, so he gets this look on his face like "ohhh moooommm" when we put one on him. He is definately going to be left-handed and he tried to imitate what James does with his hands, but only his left hand!!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

J is getting to be a big boy! Mason has that same little blue outfit, I can't wait to see my grandson this weekend!! You have been busy with your projects, Janet; well done!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Awwww what a cutie pie.