Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Race Day in the Bluegrass

It wouldn't be a weekend without a road trip! Saturday we hopped on the Harley to follow M & R toward Lexington, Ky and points nearby.

Perhaps you've heard of the Kentucky Castle. Near Versailles, KY it was originally built by a wealthy developer as a gift to his wife, but they divorced before it was completed. Evidently there was a lot of controversy surrounding it and the fire that eventually mostly destroyed it. But now someone is working to rebuild it as a tourist attraction/bed and breakfast. This was the view as we drove by. You can see why the neighbors have had their reservations about the project especially since it doesn't really fit in with the beautiful horse farm atmosphere of the surrounding community.

The Fall Race Meet is on at Keeneland. None of us had been to the Lexington racetrack and none us are really into horse racing, but it was the plan to check it out and maybe watch a race or two. We had no idea that everyone else in the state had the same idea. Evidently when there is a big UK football game later in the evening, the genteel folks of the Bluegrass State put on their best outfits, high heels and sometimes hats and go to the races.

But although under dressed, we paid our $3.00 admission and braved our way through the crowds to check out one of the races.
These ladies even brought their parasols to keep the bright fall sunshine from shining in their eyes.
Just for fun, R placed four bets and one of her horses was a winner! She won $3.60 ! Let's see, $6.00 admission for the two of them, $8.00 bet, and $3.60 won. An hour of fun only cost them $10.40!
Here's her winning horse. Surprising that with as many people as were there, we still were able to find standing room right near the winner's circle.
We finished off the trip with a scenic ride home. It was a beautiful day and we saw some beautiful horse country and parts of Kentucky that we'd not traveled before. I was not successful in getting many good photos though. I guess my fingers were too slow in the chilly air!

Today, D and I headed over to Bethlehem for Autumn on the River Days. We walked through the small arts and crafts fair and around the little town.
The worst part was that we had to park in a dusty field. Fortunately most of the dust blew off the bike as we drove home. But I don't think D enjoyed looking at any of the displays because he was worried about cleaning the bike! Have a great week everyone. I'll be back again soon!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I had to laugh about "cleaning the bike"... my husband is the same way about our cars! Congrats to the big $$ winner!! ;)

Witoka said...

I have has always thought it would be fun to dress up and go to a horse race in kentucky. THank you for stopping by my blog site and congratulating me on my new grandson. Those little grandchildren are just the best little treasures.

Martha said...

I interned in Lexington in the fall of 2002 and went to Keeneland for the races! I bet on a horse with Erin's birthday and won $32 :) Thanks for the post -- I hadn't thought of that time in awhile! I remember the fall colors were beautiful in KY.