Sunday, March 15, 2009

Moving On

Thanks everyone for your sympathetic comments to my last post. All it takes is one little experience like ours to make us much more wary in what we thought was a calm, safe community.

But we weren't deterred from making the purchase again, though this time in the daylight and then going straight home. And here she is - my new Sony laptop. Sorry E and S, I didn't go with the Mac! But she's just as cute and doesn't challenge me with as much of a learning curve, though I still have things to figure out. It's a good thing I've got a hubby who doesn't mind playing with this new toy. Sorry J's we didn't get the web cam going yet - but hopefully this week we'll be able to talk to little J!
Yesterday was the big fat quarter sale at Among Friends Quilt Shop. I thought I'd get there in the morning before things got picked over. Wrong. Evidently ladies were lined up a half hour before their doors opened! After all, who could blame them for wanting $1.25 fat quarters! There was a limit of 100. I didn't come any where near that but here's my haul. I don't have any specific plans for these but there are a few baby fabrics in there as well as some that will compliment some of what is already in my stash. The only problem is that I really need to get busy and do some sewing one day soon. I've got projects in mind, but not the mind for them.

Part of the reason I'm not sewing motivated is the other project we're working on. I've been on a quest for the perfect countertop for our new kitchen cabinets. I really want quartz. Right now the leading contender is the one on top (in the center). I think it would look the best with the oil rubbed bronze hardware and faucet. The colors don't show up quite right here, but maybe you get the idea.

Temperatures are gradually creeping up around here. So you know what that means! We had to bundle up a little, but it really was quite pleasant today when we went for our Sunday drive. We stopped by our friends' house to see if they wanted to go along but you can see they were doing spring cleaning and yard work. But they did snap this photo of us then joined us later for an ice cream ride.

This week I need to make arrangements for getting my car repaired. But surely this week will end better than last. Hope you all have a good week! .


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Glad you're moving onward and upward! Best wishes with your new laptop... your kitchen re-do will be great. Life is GOOD!

Thimbleanna said...

So, were you looking out your rear view window all the way home from the computer store? That whole experience just sort of creeps you out, doesn't it?

What color will your cabinets be? I'll be needing new countertops soon and I'm really dreading the choosing process!

Lori said...

Beautiful bike! and glad to see you were wearing helmets. We see so many bikers up around here that don't.