Sunday, March 8, 2009

Back on the Road for Real!

A beautiful weekend and so much to do! The warm weather makes it so much more pleasant to get out and about. Even with the "far away" daughter visiting from the Chicago burbs, we left her to be entertained by the little sister and brother-in-law and spent most of the day Saturday on the Harley. This was our first "official" ride of the year and we took advantage of the warm temps to ride to southern Kentucky and the Lake Cumberland area. Our friends M and R led the way as we racked up about 300 miles for the day! After a late lunch of catfish (calorie and fat free, of course!) we took a few minutes to enjoy the views near the dam. The water level of the lake has been lowered as repairs are being made to the dam. The water was pretty and there several people fishing. After a seemingly long winter, it was nice to finally see green grass along the shoreline and the roadsides. You know we didn't stop for long as the guys didn't even take the time to remove their helmets as they discussed something - probably either engineering, fishing or wave-runners!
It was a great trip. Though my "bottom" stamina was tested, I think I'll be ready for the next ride. Just hope it isn't too long until we can resume our regular weekend excursions! One thing we noticed as we rode through central Kentucky was the extent of the damage done to the trees by the recent ice storm. I'm sure it won't be as noticeable when they are leafed out, but now it is really pretty sad.

Today we ventured out to the local home building and remodel show in search of the best price for our new kitchen countertops. Several new quotes should be coming our way this week. A decision will need to be made because D informs me that demolition might be coming soon.

The time change has messed my internal clock up so I'd better head to bed soon. E isn't going home until tomorrow evening and is going to come with me to the gym in the morning. After ignoring her during part of her visit, I actually should spend some time with her! We did accomplish making a few plans for an upcoming baby shower and I've managed to cook a couple of mom meals. We'll see what she thinks of my "old lady" (it really isn't, but she'll be the youngest there) fitness classes. Hope she can keep up :)

Hope the warm weather has given you all a little Spring Fever! Have a good week!


dot said...

Our weather is still to cold to ride. Looks like you had a good time.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The weather was delightful here too, I'm ready for spring myself, your "bike" trip looks fun and I know you're looking forward to many more. Have fun working out. ;)

Thimbleanna said...

Yipee! Riding weather is back. I noticed all the ice damage a few weeks ago too when I had to go to Elizabethtown. Very Sad!