Tuesday, April 8, 2008

She'll Always Be Our Baby!

It may have been a few years ago (I won't mention how few!), but there will only always be a special bond with the first born child. She was also the first grandchild and great-grandchild on both sides in our family and has led the way since!
An extra special birthday wish to our first born ! Enjoy your day E ! We love you ! (I know you kids are all thrilled that I have figured out how to use the scanner ! I promise not to post any of those really embarrassing old photos, just the cute ones !)

A few random photos to accompany the rest of this post. I spent yesterday at the hospital with B for some outpatient surgery. She's doing just fine but not able to control big puppy Leo quite yet. So Leo and I went for a walk this morning. I'm not sure who wore who out, but I think he was glad to get back to his own yard.

It is funny how animals can sense when their owners aren't feeling well. Mouse is normally a loving cat, but has become even more so with B taking it easy.

And this photo is for J. She's been waiting for some new food pics so here it is ! Though I didn't think to snap this with my iphone until a few licks in, I thought you might like to see this yummy chocolate cherry chip cone from Graeters. We stopped there last Friday evening with some friends after we went to see the movie 21 (which we enjoyed and would recommend). Our evening out was extended when our friends discovered they had locked themselves out of their house. I won't go into details about how the guys first tried to break in with an old credit card (didn't work) then tried to break the storm door glass (safety glass!) then finally called a locksmith who let them in with a simple trick (which I won't reveal here!) Made for an entertaining, though expensive, end of our night out!


JD said...

I love the cone picture! Man I just love food pictures, don't know why, cannot imagine what makes me love food right now?! Little man inside me has been on a hungry binge. Leo is getting so big!

joeks said...

Happy birthday to E!

That would have been fun watching the guys trying to break in.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Lucky you, that ice cream looks yummy. HB to your daughter!

Cheryl said...

Happy B Day to E!!! Great photos..
love that yummy one :-). Great to
find your blog and thanks for visiting mine!