Monday, April 14, 2008

Problem Solved !

I've figured it out! Thanks to a little internet searching, I found this website for Flynn Quilt Frame Company with instructions on cutting the backing for a quilt (if you go there, just page down to find them) using diagonal piecing. There is also a formula for figuring the correct amount of backing fabric.
This is probably something a lot of quilters are already familiar with (probably from quilting 101 !) but now I know too! I knew there had to be a way, since I was sure I bought the correct yardage as listed in the pattern. So my project for tomorrow morning will be to make my quilt sandwich and move on from there!


JD said...

That quilt is beautiful! I love the colors! I cannot wait till I have time to work on my little baby quilt. Hope all is well over there, things are crazy busy here! Enjoy some of the nice weather for me.

Lucy said...

Good for you. I looked at that site -- the guy must have been an engineer in a previous life. he he My LAQ prefers the backing seams to run vertical but I can sure see how the horizontal method would work for the piecer and LAQ.

BTW - I found this fabric calculator @
Do you have one? Looks like it might come in handy someday. I see you can get them cheaper, but I did enjoy this gals explanation.

Janet said...

Thanks for the info on the FabriCalc, Lucy! I'll have to go back and read some more about it. I think they carry one at Among Friends QS. I've got a lot to learn yet!

The diagonal seam on the quilt back worked fine, but I can see that vertical or horizontal seams would be much better. It really doesn't look very good with the straight line stitch in the ditch quilting that I'm doing. Oh well -live and learn!

Lucy said...

Janet - I made an error my explanation. My LAQ prefers vertical -- does not want horizontal as she says the later can cause the quilt to not roll correctly at those points. I meant to say I can see how the diagonal would be a good alternative for both piecer and LAQ - but then I'm not an LAQ - what do I know. he he.

The HQ Sixteen was impressive, but it's like info overload - gives me headache. For now I plan to read some forum discussions to see what the alternatives are. A big problem - I misunderstood the cost of the HQ. I want the computerize version -- well that's an add on for a total 16K+. OUCH! I think Tom had a coronary when he heard that.