Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Night Fish Fry

Such a beautiful Friday evening! Off we went to find a Friday Night Fish Fry! Back when we lived in Wisconsin, all we had to do was drive to the nearest corner bar/restaurant for some tasty "healthy" fried fish. Here a bike ride across the river and down the highway to the far corner of Louisville will take you to Mike Linnig's. Their outside dining area is the big draw here. But the seafood is good too! We ordered a combination dinner to share and brought home enough for a lunch or two tomorrow. I forgot to take a photo of the mound of food, again ! My apologies to those of you who enjoy those food photos - I don't know why I couldn't remember to take that picture! I guess we were too hungry and dug right in. The Kentucky Derby is next weekend. Even though we've never been to the Derby or the Oaks, living this close to all the festivities, there's always something "Derby-ish" of interest. Everyone knows that if you go to the Derby, you need a hat! My favorite craft store, Dee's, has devoted a large portion of their floor space to customized Derby hats. The displays are beautiful and some of these are quite creative. This is just a small section of what they had on hand when I stopped by there earlier this week. Aren't they pretty?
Beamer thanks you for all the well wishes for his vet visit yesterday! He actually traveled a little better than usual. After a couple of shots and one large needle with his micro chip, he was very happy to come home! But at 19 1/2 lbs, he's been put on a diet. Our vet says that wet food is actually less fattening for cats than the dry kibble. That should make Beamer happy because he seems to enjoy that more anyway. Here he is checking out my new kitchen rug, but maybe he's really just sending a message!

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