Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Weekend at the Homestead

I treated myself to flowers this week. I think white tulips are going to be my new favorite flower for this spring.
It has been a pretty nice weekend here in our neck of the woods. Although temps have been in the low fifties yesterday and today, we've barely been outside of the house. D has been working on the kitchen project, in between he's been online "researching" possible modifications to the motorcycle. We did actually get out and take a short bike ride (no photos) today. I needed a few things from the grocery, so we expanded a two mile trip into a twenty mile trip. We came home with what I needed for homemade pizza. It turned out pretty good in spite of the whole wheat pizza crust.

We are sitting here in front of the television watching the Superbowl. (Don't you just love HD!)Though we don't really have a favorite this year, it might be nice to see Peyton's little brother end Tom Brady's winning streak. Doubt that will happen but in the meantime I've been trying to determine my favorite commercial this year. So far, I like the Sobe Life Water ad with the lizards dancing to Thriller. There was another water ad too, at least I think it was for a vitamin water, with Shaq riding a race horse that was pretty funny. Sometimes the commercials are entertaining, but then you can't even remember what the ad was for. Maybe the water ads are the new beer ads this year.

While D has been in the workshop, I've been at the sewing machine. I've about got the rag quilt done. Just need to snip the exposed seams and fluff it in the dryer for a few minutes. I'm sure that's going to make quite a mess. When B made hers, she said it really made a lot of fuzzies. Beamer was in a curious mood today as I was trying to get a shot of it.

Avoiding the procrastination fever, I also completed my Block of the Month. I'm not sure what the name of this pattern is. I wish they would put the names on them for us junior quilters. I suppose I could look it up on one of the many quilt blogs I've started reading. By the way, did you know that February is Quilting Month? I found the quilt month widget(?) on Sew Mama Sew blog. There is lots of information and links to tutorials on her site.
Here's some of what D worked on today. As usual, Beamer had to check it out too. Can you guess what these objects are?
(They are faceframes)

Sort of an uneventful weekend here at the homestead. But we (or at least D) did accomplish a few things toward the progress of the "project". The football game is over and congratulations to the Giants! I bet Mr. and Mrs. Manning are darn proud of their boys!

Tomorrow I'm going to drag myself back to the new cardio class that I tried last week at Total Fitness followed by my Pilates reformer class with Kyla. That will probably be about all I'll accomplish as I'll be wiped out after that. I'm in the mood for a shopping trip across the river to my favorite quilt shop and Macy's. E saw a quilted sleeve for a laptop that she'd like for me to try to replicate. Guess her new Mac is getting cold up north! I'll save that trip for another day I suppose. Book club was moved to this Thursday so I have that to look forward to. Stormy Weather by Paulette Jiles was our book for last month. Right now I'm reading a book that sister K loaned to me. It is The Pulpwood Queen's Tiara Wearing, Book Sharing Guide to Life by Kathy L. Patrick. The link actually for the Pulpwood Queen's Book Club website. The author attended the same university that I did in Kansas, tho I don't think our paths ever crossed. She tells about her beauty shop/book store and the outrageous book club that she founded. It could be a good reference for our little book club because she has lists and lists of interesting book selections. I think they'd would enjoy reading it too.

That's all for tonight folks! Have a good week.


The Pulpwood Queen said...

Thanks Janet for mentioning my book, "The Pulpwood Queens' Tiara Wearing, Book Sharing Guide to Life" on your blog site. I am currently on the book tour road doing events and your blog popped up in my Google Alerts. If your book club does decide to read my story of my life in books, I would love to give your book club a call. Also I would be more than happy to send you signed book plates. Now back to reading more of your life and again word of mouth has always been my best way of spreading my word that reading is important and also helping us on the road to get more people reading.
Thanks so much for your true kindness. May God Bless You!
Tiara wearing and Book sharing,
Kathy L.Patrick
Founder of the Pulpwood Queens Book Clubs
P.S. Also you can check out my blogging from the road at

Janet said...

Gosh - I am so honored to be in the presence of the Queen herself!

I can't wait to hear what the girls say about your book. When I say "little book club", I mean little! We only have five members and we actually do more socializing at our meetings than reading - not to say that we don't enjoy reading, its just that busy lives sometimes take priority. Sometimes we're more of a support group!

Thanks so much for your kind comments, Kathy. I'm looking forward to sharing your book with my friends.


sarah said...

wow . . . has mom seen that, yet? how cool that kathy patrick commented your blog!

sarah said...

OMG!!! she put your blog on her page! have you seen that? you are a rock star, aunt j.

Janet said...

Hey Sarah! I hadn't seen it yet until your comment! Wow - if I'd known I was going to be so "famous" I would have tried to write something a lot more interesting!
Now it's your turn - who can you link to in your blog to get some publicity?

feefee said...

Can I come traveling with you? Your site is awesome...but you make me feel so boring!!!! I just got a blackberry today, but I can't figure it out!!!! HELP!!!


Janet said...

Hi Leslie- Great to hear from another cousin! Glad you enjoy my ramblings here. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that anyone would find them very interesting!

Sorry I can't help you with the Blackberry. I'm still trying to figure out my iphone!

Thanks for reading!!

Anonymous said...

Janet, your quilt block is great! I love the colors you're using. When I did the rag quilt I sewed up an old sheet and put the quilt inside that to run it in the washer (mine was homespun and needed to be washed) and then the dryer. That helped control the fuzzies.


Janet said...

Thanks Pat! That's a great tip for the rag quilt - too bad I've already washed it and dealt with the fuzzies. But I'll remember that for the next time I wash it - because I think it will continue to de-fuzz (kind of like Beamer de-fuzzes all the time!LOL)