Sunday, February 10, 2008

Music and Flowers

I found them! More white tulips - thanks to Whole Foods! I thought I might have to settle for pink ones, but there they were, the last white ones in the flower bucket. They have such pretty flowers there. I wish there was a Whole Foods closer to us but its probably better on the check book to be a half hour away. We always seem to come home with something interesting from the deli, meat or cheese counter. The fresh produce is always so pretty too. Saturday was a pretty nice day with temps in the low 50's so Dennis drove the Harley over for it's first service appointment. It won't be ready until later this week so hope he won't have too much separation anxiety! I followed him in the car and snapped this photo with my iphone. Now you can say you've been on the road(again) with Janet! I'm pretty sure there's not a law against photography while driving but it's probably up there with texting while driving!
I've been working on the 07 BOM quilt. I've made pretty good progress on the final assembly of the blocks. I just need to add the border strips then cut the backing and decide how to quilt it. I'm considering taking it to the same longarm quilter that finished the Christmas package quilt for me (see the post on December 16). The fabric at the bottom of the photo is what the borders will be cut from. It will end up being a full size quilt, I hope! I had intended on starting on the new Bunny wallhanging/table topper today, but all of these pieces spread out on the floor needed some attention first. I already have too many UFO's (unfinished objects) laying around, best at least try to get this one out of the way.

While sewing I've been watching the Grammy awards. I'm ready to go to itunes now and buy some new music. I think they did a nice job of showcasing many different kinds of music tonight. It's great to hear some classical, jazz and gospel music mixed in with the rap, rock and country. You can see the list of nominees and winners here. Valentine's Day this week - don't forget! I need to get some cards tomorrrow and get them in the mail. There' a forecast of snow and ice for Monday and Tuesday morning. But it shouldn't be bad enough to keep me from driving over to aerobics in the morning.

I'll leave you tonight with an early Valentine! These beautiful chocolate covered strawberries were in the bakery counter at Whole Foods. I couldn't resist pulling out my iphone to capture a photo to share with you all. This is the least fattening kind of Valentine!


Anonymous said...

aHi Janet, the quilt top looks great! Thanks for the pictures, we got them last week but things here are crazy so I'm remiss in saying Thank You...


sarah said...

your fresh flowers make me so ready for spring! it's almost here in tejas. :)

when you come visit me, we'll go to central market. i <3 it more than whole foods, which i also <3.

Janet said...

Thanks Pat. Do you have your long-arm figured out yet and have any quilts done? Wish you were closer so you could help me figure out what to do with this quilt!

Sarah-It is snowing here tonight! Glad I found the tulips. When should I come to see you?

Red Geranium Cottage said...

OH those strawberry's look sooo yummy!!! I love your quilt top. Soooo pretty. And love those tulips. My favorite flower. I have to buy them cause I sure can't figure out how to plant them. LOL!!