Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pans, pedicure and such

Have you made them yet? This is the second batch. Can't you smell them? My normally dessert avoiding husband finished off the last pan. Check back to the last post for the recipe. The smaller 9x9" pan is definitely the way to go. I love my Goldtouch pans from Williams-Sonoma. I got them for Christmas a couple of years ago and since then I've thrown out some of the old rusty pans and added to my collection. My last purchase was the muffin tin, but I've also got a 9x13 cake pan, a bread pan and an awesome sculpted pumpkin bread pan. They bake very evenly, are extremely non-stick and don't scratch easily. A little pricey but worth the extra pennies. Here's the result of my sewing ventures for the week. I ordered this kit from Cozy Cottage Fabrics after seeing it on another blog that I've become addicted too, Red Geranium Cottage . I almost didn't post this photo because I don't think I did it justice. I'm not happy with the mistakes I made on the outer border but by the time I realized what I'd done, it was too late to fix. So I used this as a stipple stitch experiment (try saying that three times fast!) My machine has a pre-programmed small stipple so I tried that on the outside border. It's not really the look I was hoping but glad I tried it. Someday I'll try to free-motion quilt - when I get brave! In the meantime - I've got a new table topper:) My BOM quilt from 2007 went off to a quilter this week along with the first quilt for Grandbaby#1. I can't wait to get them back but I'll have to be patient for a few weeks. I'm not sure what the next project will be. E reports that the computer sleeve fit the MacBook nicely but suggested that a handle might be nice. So I might try making another-after I get back from vacation!

Yes I'm going on vacation! Just the girls- E, B and me. They had planned on doing something together then invited dear ol' mom to come along. Since we're going to do the beachy thing, the much needed pedicure was today. I love the polish color. It is Opi , Charmed by a Snake. Wouldn't that be a fun job, to come up with the names for new colors! It was pretty cold coming home in the flimsy little salon flip-flops. And of course there was sn*w! I'm sure I'll come back with lots of pictures, so stay tuned! I don't know if I can post to the blog from my iphone, but I may try. Sometimes it can be a little tempermental with emails and such.

But before I go on vacation, I'll be taking a trip to Kansas. Not a vacation, but a quick trip to attend Aunt Sylva's funeral. It will be a sad occasion, but nice to re-connect with aunts, uncles and several cousins. I just looked at the weather and the forecast is good. Just like many areas, Kansas has had a long winter. Temps in the 5o's and low 60's almost sound tropical.

(I wish someone would explain to me why Blogspot chooses to double space where I don't want to!)

Leaving you with Beamer as he enjoys a little nap. Why is it that any time I lay the clean laundry on the bed, he uses it for a pillow? Today he picked D's favorite Life is Good socks. So I guess, if you're a cat and there is warm from the dryer laundry to curl up on, life is good!


sarah said...

i just emailed you to give you some tips for entertainment while you're in kc tomorrow. have a safe trip.

Erin said...

You're bringing those brownies along to Florida, right? :)

Janet said...

Doubt there will be any left:) Besides - I should leave them for Dad! We'll find something more exciting to eat!

Kris said...

Wow, can I get one of those brownies. OMG, I think I can smell them...LOL.

You did an awesome job on Bargello Bunny! Thanks for posting your picture!!