Monday, January 14, 2008

Snowy Travel, Tears and Memories

This was definitely an on the road with Janet weekend. My sister K and I decided that we would like to represent our father's family at our cousin's memorial service in Wisconsin this past Saturday. It would mean a couple of long distance trips for both of us, but we are glad we made the effort. K was able to get a flight into Chicago on Thursday. So I drove up to O'Hare and we ended up arriving within a few minutes of each other. Unfortunately, her luggage didn't. Another few miles and we were at daughter E's home in the northern suburbs. (Luckily the luggage arrived before midnight.)
Early Saturday morning we left for central Wisconsin. Our cousin was a talented guy. A few years ago, he had built this beautiful log home for his family. As he was a Vietnam vet, the flag flying at the front door on the day of his service was very appropriate.
The intermittent snow flurries all day didn't discourage the many friends and family from attending the service. There were many business associates, fellow Harley riders, and hot rod enthusiasts along with a moving tribute by the Veterans Honor Guard. It is sad that events like this bring us together but the funny stories and good memories flowing along with the tears comfort the hearts of those left behind. We'll miss you Bill, and thanks for the memories!
It's been a long day and a long weekend with many other things to blog about - but I think this is it for tonight. Watch for more another day.


Karen said...

Glad you are back home safe and sound. Thanks for doing all of the driving.

joeks said...

Thanks for representing the family. I was thinking about all of you on Saturday.

Janet said...

No problem with the driving Karen -glad you made it home with your bag this time. Maybe American will get their act together next time! I really didn't mind driving - and I made good time coming home. Wasn't even on the road long enough to listen to all my music on my iphone! Thanks for coming along with me to Wisc.- makes the trip easier with someone to talk to! We'll do this again but under more pleasant circumstances.

Janet said...

Hi Jo ! I saw your blog honoring Bill. Looks like you have lots of nice memories of Bill also. I'm not sure if A does much with email but she says she is going to try to become better at it. I have her email address if you are interested. I'm sure she would love to hear from you. We told her your mom and Aunt E get online occasionally also.

We really need to plan some kind of family reunion sometime. It is hard to figure out when and where tho.
Thanks for reading, Jo.