Friday, January 25, 2008

Photos of the Week

A cold winter day comes along and I get a hankering to bake. Why does that happen when we're trying to cut down on carbs and calories? So I tried to find the healthiest bread recipe I could and then vary it according to what I have on hand. The recipe I found online here. I like the fact that this website lets you change the serving size and adjusts the quantities automatically. I changed to serving 36 instead of 72 and it made one nice size loaf and three small loaves. I almost forgot to take a photo until we'd sliced off the first two pieces. Yum! I added more ground flax seed and used some oat flour to make up for some of the whole wheat flour. I was able to use some of the wheat you gave me last summer, K. I ground it in my coffee grinder (after cleaning it out, of course).

We had a little snow here this week in Southern Indiana. These are views out our back door. Just ignore the power lines and it looks pretty nice! Even though there's a road behind our house, there's not a lot of traffic and we can enjoy the view of the farms and trees. Some of you folks in the "north" will find it hard to believe that this was enough snow to cancel school and other activities! I suppose there was a little ice on some of the roads though.

Leo came to visit this week. See how much he's grown! Soon those ears will be at proper German Shepherd attention. He's been going to school and doggie day care and learning good puppy behavior.

Until next time - have a great weekend!

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