Monday, January 21, 2008

Just Another (Cold) Weekend

There is not much to write about this for this weekend. No road trips, car or motorcycle. Just a short trip to Among Friends Quilt Shop for the first meeting of the 2008 Block of the Month club.

Here are the fabrics for the color way that I selected this year. It is called "Romance" and it is from a collection from April Cornell for Moda. I'm sure that it will be pretty when completed but after seeing the other choice, "Ice Cream Parlor", from the Chutes and Ladders collection by Arrin Turnmire for Moda, I almost wish I had chosen it. It has lots of bright, geometric designs rather than the soft romantic prints. As usual, I'm second guessing my choices ! I'm still working on the quilt from the block of the month for last year. At least I now have all the blocks done. I just have to square them up then assemble them with the finishing kit. I have lots of the fabric left because I purchased the "insurance" fabric just in case I messed something up. That is what the triangles are in the photo below - the "insurance" fabric:) Dennis always spends his time at the Woodworkers Store while I'm at the quilt shop. Since it is too cold to ride, he's finally getting back into the woodworking mode. He's starting to make some progress on the next big project. One of these days, we will have something to show for the hours in his workshop. In the meantime, here's the before photos!

I will keep you all updated if and when there's anything to show!

Our sympathies to all of our Green Bay Packer fan family and friends. I guess I should send our sympathies to all of our Colts and Cowboys fan family and friends too. There's always another season.

Thursday night is Book Club. It is always fun to get together, even if we don't all get the book read! This month we are reading Stormy Weather by Paulette Jiles and I'm almost done with it. She also wrote Enemy Women which I read a couple of years ago.

Sorry this is such a dull post today. Maybe I'll try to be more interesting next time! Until then........


Lucy said...

It's the time of year for indoor projects. I can't get focused on resume my quilt projects I love to read about those who do.

Now the woodworking project has my curiosity. The before looks great, so I'm wondering what is going to change?

Janet said...

Thanks for the comments, Lucy.

The woodworking project has been discussed ever since we bought this house 2 years ago. I hate to say too much about it yet because it might take another 2 years to complete! I'd hate to jinx it! Please keep checking back :-)