Monday, August 20, 2007

A Weekend Jaunt and Beamer and the Hummers

The hummingbirds have taken over our deck! I bought this small feeder at Lowe's the other day and even tho it has a small dripping problem, it didn't take long for the hummers to find it. (Along with the ants and wasps!) Beamer loves to sit inside and watch from the glass doors, but when I let him have his "outside time", he's almost been attacked by the brave little birds. If anyone comes out on the deck, there are usually three of them chirping and defending their feeder. I've been trying to get some good photos of them. I'm surprised these turned out as well as they did ! I love my little Kodak V550. It is just the right size to stick in a purse or pocket, especially when we are on the motorcycle.

Our riding this week consisted of a few short jaunts and one longer trip on Sunday. We traveled to Kentucky via the bridge south of Corydon. It was a good day to ride with temps in the upper 80's, but slightly overcast so not such a good day for photos. We traveled over some windy, hilly roads (Dennis loves those, of course) but saw lots of pretty country. It is always interesting to see the different crops and farm animals that line the back country roads that we like. This trip we saw lots of tobacco being harvested. I always think of Daddy when we see different farm stuff, because I know he would have enjoyed seeing these things. I don't think he would ever have put tobacco in any of his fields tho! We saw buffalo grazing, lots of goats, mules and of course cattle and horses. One little foal with it's long legs was so cute, but by the time I got my camera on - we had sped by. It seems like on the motorcycle, you can see things so much clearer than in a car. I was amazed me to see so many tomatoes still on the vines in gardens along the way. I wanted to say - "hey if you're tired of picking them - send them our way!"

We made a stop in Cloverport, Kentucky for lunch at a little family restaurant. I'm not even sure of the a name, but we had a pleasant meal. But, we realized how much we appreciate the non-smoking policies that so many eating establishments have adopted. After crossing the Ohio River again at Tell City, we made our way back up through the Hoosier Nat'l Forest and were home by 3:30. We drove by the Overlook Restaurant in Leavenworth, Indiana. We've made this part of the drive before and have stopped to enjoy the fried chicken dinners and the beautiful view of the Ohio.

Our weekend was completed with a wonderful authentic Cuban meal with our neighborhood "biking buddies" and their family. Wrapping up the day with a pleasant meal and good company, makes any journey a joy! Thanks Ramona and Monte ! One last photo for Monte --

Until next time --- Enjoy !


Anonymous said...

i want some of that pie! :)

Sarah Marie said...

anonymous is ME, sarah! i don't know why my screen name isn't posting. just thought i would let you know.

Janet said...

And I thought anonymous was your sister! She told me was going to write a comment. Wonder what happened to that?

Jessica said...

Sarah is never anonymous. Now it is Jessica...I was silenced by the beautiful meringue. :) Thanks for coming to OK - it was good to see you!