Sunday, August 12, 2007

On the Road to Brown County

Story, Indiana is one of our favorite destinations in this part of the state. Our neighbors had never been to the Story Inn, so with an early start in the coolest part of the day we began our ride.

Ramona and Monte on their BMW and Dennis and I on our pretty V-Star wound our way to Brown County on some of the most scenic roads in this part of the state. We even unexpectedly came upon this covered bridge in one little town.

The little "town" of Story is one of those quaint places that time seems to have passed by. The Story Inn is an old general store has been turned into an excellent tho rustic restaurant. And most of the existing buildings in town have been turned into lodging. This is a favorite stop for motorcycles and tourists in the area to visit historic Nashville, Indiana and the surrounding state park.

We enjoyed a nice relaxed breakfast with our new biking "buddies" then rode on into Nashville for a little browsing and shopping at Pitt Bull Leather Shop. They are a shop full of all kinds of leather and motorcycle gear and clothing. The guys show off some of their new gear! One thing about riding the motorcycle - I am unable to make any purchase larger than our backpack ! I still enjoy browsing the little country style shops even though my decorating style has changed in the past few years.

We drove back home in the heat of the day over more scenic roads. Don't you like my attempt at creative photography! We pass lots of photo "opps"but it is hard to get Dennis to stop at every one of them. We feel like we are lucky to live in this part of the country where there is so much un-recognized beauty. Who knew that Southern and Central Indiana could be home to so may scenic byways.

We made a stop to cool off and have a nice light supper then Monte got in the lead to guide us to another road we didn't know existed not too far from home. The Clark State Forest has a nice road that winds through tree lined hills to a fire tower at the crest of one. We trudged up the stairs to a wonderful view of the area. You can tell by the zoomed in photo of our bikes at the base of the tower, it was no easy task after a day of riding in hot sun but a pleasant ending to an enjoyable day!

In the few months that we've had the motorcycle, we haven't had a bad ride yet ! We love watching the interesting scenery go by, finding out of the way places, looking for wildlife along the way and making new friends. It doesn't seem to matter what kind of motorcycle they ride, we've found that most everyone is helpful and friendly. A far cry from some of the stereotypes that exist.

Thanks for letting me share part of our most recent adventure. I'm still learning this new art of "blogging" and every time I learn something new. I'm not pleased with how long this takes me sometimes, so I need to do a little more research(especially on photos and links) before I feel comfortable here.

Until next time -

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