Saturday, April 2, 2011

We Went West.....

Once upon a time, many, many years ago, two little girls and their parents made a long road trip from the plains of Kansas to the big cities of California.  Along the way, I'm sure many stops were made, but one that one sister remembers and the other barely remembers was Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.    

Fast forward fifty plus years (!) and once again my sister and I made a memorable visit.  Last week, K and my brother-in-law joined us in Las Vegas for a few days.  D had a "work related event" to attend and since K & J had never been to LV, they  met us there for a little vacation.  

 K and I on the observation deck before the tour of the inside of the dam and power plant.  
Lake Mead from the road across the dam.

Looking back to the new Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.  Awesome!

 It was great that we had a car on this visit. We were able to drive out to Red Rocks Canyon Park on Sunday. It was a beautiful day and lots of other folks had the same idea.  But it is a wonderful place to visit and do a little hiking or rock climbing.  We mostly took photographs and hiked a little.  Quite different from the hiking we did up and down the Las Vegas Strip the next couple of days!  

None of us are big on gambling, but we enjoyed shopping and checking out the tourist attractions.  J did manage to accomplish his goal of placing a bet for his future son-in-law.  Sadly that didn't turn out too good, but hopefully he won't hold that against him! 
What would a vacation blog post be without a food picture!  We were amazed by the "baby" three egg (as opposed to the regular sized SIX egg) omelet at the Omelette House where we stopped for a delicious and filling  breakfast on Sunday morning on the way to Red Rocks. 

 For our family, sometimes travel is all about the food!  On Monday we had lunch at Mesa Grill.  Our son J works for the St. Louis division of the same company as his dad so he was in town for the same "event"  and he was able to join us.

Now when we are watching the Food Network, we can say we ate at one of Bobby Flay's famous restaurants!  It was great and worth every penny (ok, dollar!).
Something else that was worth every dollar, was Le Reve which we saw on Sunday evening at the Wynn Hotel and Casino. If you have the opportunity to see just one Las Vegas show, this, in my opinion, would be the one.  I think K and J would agree as we all were very impressed and entertained.

Now we are home again, tired and ready to recoup for the next few weeks.  K and J have their daughter's wedding to prepare for and we have a few short trips and a couple of longer ones in the future.  I'm excited about the Cincinnati International Quilt Festival bus trip coming up this week!   Come back and see how over- whelmed  I am after attending that show!

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Anonymous said...

I ran across slides from that CA trip long ago but did not find anything from Hoover Dam in the box I found. There are lots of ocean pictures though!

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow -- I think everyone I know has been to Vegas in the last month. Is the Pat Tillman bridge all done and in use now? I loved the damn tour -- I didn't think they were still doing it though. Looks like you had a wonderful trip!