Monday, March 15, 2010

Peanut and Quilter's Day Out

Ms. Laptop seems to be back in business today.  After a long day of backups, upgrades and an update to Windows 7 instead of Vista, the talented man of the house has resurrected my computer and along with it, my addiction.  I've not been a very dedicated blogger lately, but partly by choice.  Sometimes there are other things I need to focus on which have been taking precedence.  I'm sure my blogging friends will understand and the rest of you really haven't missed much anyway!

Look who we had as our houseguest this past weekend!  The little Peanut is quite the entertainment to have around.  He's so happy and cute, even with "bed hair" after some Sunday morning snuggling in bed.

Getting chores done with a little one around the house is much harder when you're over fifty than when you're in your twenties and thirties.  At least those chores can usually wait until the grandbaby goes home!  I did have a little "help" with the laundry though! 

On Saturday, Grandpa took the little guy to the Woodworkers store (got to start them young!) while I was able to spend a few minutes at the Louisville Area Quilters Day Out.  I enjoyed looking at the displays by some of the local guilds and vendors.  There were some gorgeous quilts!  I especially liked this booth.  If you want a better look at one of the wonderful quilts in this photo, check out Julie's blog.
I spent a few minutes at Angela's booth visiting with her.  She's an APQS sales rep, has a long arm quilting business and such a nice lady.  Some day I might take her up on her offer to come by and play with one of her machines.  That might be the best way to find out if that's something I'd like to pursue in the future.  While waiting for the "boys" to come pick me up, I was able to catch part of the presentation by guest speaker, Kathleen Loomis.  Her talent for creating art from scraps is amazing as she showed in some of her quilts. This "Y" quilt was made entirely of little "y's".  She also showed quilts made from fabric selvedges.  Her patience certainly is better than most of us!

Grampa and the Peanut  had some male bonding with trips to the Woodworkers Store, the Harley Davidson dealership and Best Buy.  I guess that makes up for the shopping trips with me to Dillards, Kohls  and the grocery store last week and the quilt shop the week before! 

One of these days I'll have exciting news about Grandbaby #3!  My guess is that the Easter Bunny will be bringing more than Easter Eggs for J, J & little J! 

Happy Day Light Savings Time! (I'm really not sure how I feel about that though!) 


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Is there going to be another little baby???? No fair!! I want one!!!!! Oh I mean congratulations. :-)
That little guy is adorable. He has the sweetest face. I love his hair.

Lori said...

I completely understand about other things taking priorities. Between that and having a major writers block, I've been there myself more often than not lately.
Lil Peanut is adorable! Gotta love those baby cheeks!

Anonymous said...

Great photos of cute little Peanut and he has grown! Angela is one of my IRL friends and I bought my Millie through her. Janet, you need one! :)

Thimbleanna said...

What a little cutie! And how lucky you are to have a hubby that will take him around so you can do a few other things -- that's great! If you find out your longarm friend is having a sale of, oh, let's say, 80 or 90 percent off, let me know -- I want a longarm LOL!!!