Tuesday, July 8, 2008

An All Star Baby Shower!

Here it is Tuesday morning and I'm just now getting around to blogging about the baby shower! It has been one busy, exciting weekend and we just got home last night. So that is my excuse and my apologies to those of you who were not able to come to the shower and are anxiously awaiting pics of the mom-to-be and all the fun!

I really don't know where to begin but the highlight of the weekend was the J's (J, J & soon to be here, J) baby shower on Saturday. We needed to get J out of the house so we could decorate, so B was in charge of getting her to her pedicure appointment and detaining her for a couple of hours. With help from D, E, J and P we were ready to party! We had a hard time keeping the mommy away from the food table!

Here she is - sneaking a sample! But she is eating for two you know! Our menu included some of her favorite foods, including chicken salad. Daddy J thinks she's eaten so much chicken salad the past few months, she'll soon be clucking! It's not often that we're all together, so here's the latest photo of the mom, aunts and grandma (or nana?) - to-be. Isn't it great that the empire dress is trendy? It's almost hard to tell who's the pregnant one!B made this cute diaper cake, carrying out the Baby All Star theme there were lots of goodies in there! We had everyone guess how many diapers it took. Eighty-nine to be exact.
More decorations - the sports themed onesies and socks on the clothesline with diapers. We had more strung up on the wall in the living room. It turned out pretty cute I think!
This is one of the secret projects from last week. The favor bags for the shower guests. I used a free pattern from All People Quilt. Then E brought blue and brown M & M's to put inside. The poem is a variation of one that a friend had given me.

Of course there were lots of nice gifts for little J. I don't know when he's going to be able to wear all the cute clothes. There will be several to pass along to the next baby in the family. The little drooler sleeper came from a cute store in California that E found on her last trip there. Sorry I can't put a link because I don't know the name!
I've created my own competition! B has learned to quilt and can't stop! I think her latest creation for her little nephew pleased the mom-to-be. J and B go back a long way as high school BFF's even before J & J knew each other. So there's a special bond between these two!Here she is again - by the food! Dessert was an ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery. It was yummy - but for future reference, never have them use a peanut butter filling. Cutting through frozen peanut butter is extremely difficult. Eating frozen peanut butter is even more difficult! We had plenty of cake and I suspect that when we make the next trip to MO we'll find CSC cake in the freezer to snack on (unless J has a late night craving!)! J wasn't left out of the fun. We got him a shower gift too! He'll probably have the little guy dressed up in the little St. Louis Cardinals uniform every game day! This is a little out of the timeline, but along the same theme. On the 4th of July we all went out to dinner at Pujols 5 Grill. Of course, someone had to explain to me who Albert Pujols is, but we really did enjoy his restaurant!This dish belonged to dear hubby. He's trying to eat healthier so went with Shrimp Tacos. Looks yummy! I've got photos of more of our dishes, but I'd better be finishing up this post before the day is over ( and the relatives get restless!).In fact, some of the best photo ops I missed. I know - "bad blogger"! B rode with her Dad to MO on the motorcycle and I forgot to take a photo of them when they came in Thursday evening, in the rain, with rain gear and big smiles. Even though they drove through a mean rainstorm, they still enjoyed the father-daughter bonding. Now, she just has to convince her hubby N to get a Harley too!

Then there was the trip to the furniture store on Friday afternoon to pick up the new furniture J & J had purchased for the living room and the newly finished basement! Dad and J were expecting to take at least two trips with the pickup truck but the guys at the store just kept loading it on. In true family tradition and looking like Jed Clampett relatives, they made it in one trip. Wish I'd been there with the camera then!

Now that the showers are all over, all they have to do is wait! The next few weeks will go by slowly, but then the next 20 years will be gone in a flash. It seems like just a short while ago that we brought home our little baby boy! In fact it will be 27 years ago in a few days! Maybe little J will put in his appearance in time to make a nice birthday present for his daddy!

Sorry it has taken me so long to get this up ! Thanks for waiting, and thanks for reading! More of the last half of our trip will come soon, so please check back in a day or so!


JD said...

Oh I was waiting all day for your post!! It was great! I am anxious to see more pictures from the shower. Thanks so much for a wonderful weekend. The decorations in the pictures did not do them justice, neither did the quilt, cake, nor the food!

JD said...

oh and did you get a picture of the basement? there needs to be a picture of that on here. maybe in the next couple weeks!

Janet said...

Add that to the list of the photos I didn't get! Your hubby did a wonderful job - I'm so proud of him, as I'm sure you are too!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Fantastic post, you and I are on the exact same path right now! Isn't this the most fun EVER???ipu

Jessica said...

I wish we could have made it up but the pictures were great! Thanks for sending back the cute goody bags...the sugar cookies were delicious and I have been snacking on the M&M's all week. Good luck James and Jen - I am thinking about you and hope to see you all soon!