Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary Wishes!

July 20, 1974 - A wedding day in Kansas! Happy Anniversary to the best sister and brother-in-law ever! Aren't they cute!
I'm sure they're glad that my spy was able to send me these scanned images from photos I'm sure were taken on a little Kodak Instamatic! They've aged well haven't they! Still cute tho!
Enjoy your day K & J! Love to you both - (the card is in the mail!)

Now, if you are a relative and are soon to give birth - please close your screen NOW!

Here's something to tease you all with! Recently retrieved from a wonderful Long Arm Quilter across the river, this secret project has found it's way back to Grandma's. This photo does not truly do it justice. I was so pleased with how it turned out, I could cry, literally. Almost like giving birth too! (Okay J, I know you peeked!)

Our eldest is visiting this weekend, so stay tuned for another post soon.


Martha said...

I love all of your quilt pictures -- say hi to E for me! :) - Martha

Anonymous said...

i do believe one of those pictures i sent included the author of this blog, but she seems to have magically disappeared. :) - the spy

Janet said...

Oh the magic of photoshop!