Monday, May 19, 2008

More Myrtle Beach

As promised here's a few more highlights of our trip to Myrtle Beach, beyond and back.

D actually let me visit a quilt shop at our first stop in Hendersonville, NC. It was called My Quilt Shoppe and I found a some fat quarters to match a (secret) project in the works and a few others, just because they were different. I'm sure I could have found more, but limitations of our luggage space I controlled my shopping here! A really cute shop though. Near Columbia, SC we stopped at Thunder Valley Harley-Davidson. I'm not sure how many dealerships we stopped at during the entire trip, but there were several. But I have to say, most of them are very traveler friendly. Clean restrooms, cold drinks and often free coffee. Some of them even have a lounge with a tv and a comfy sofa to rest weary bums! That was the question everyone has asked - "did your bottom get tired?" No, not really. I think the most tired of sitting on the motorcycle I got was on the last day about 40 miles from home. My neck and shoulders did get tired though and I think it was from the weight of the helmet and a few rough roads. But we would never think of not wearing the helmets!
Our view from our hotel room in Myrtle Beach was very nice. But this is about as close to the beach as I got. The sunrises were pretty, but I never got motivated enough to go out and walk on the beach at that hour. I'm kind of kicking myself now because it was awful to get this close to the ocean and not even get in the water! It actually was pretty chilly in the mornings though.
One morning we ate breakfast at a pancake house across from the hotel. As I was leaving, this funny fellow had to tell me "hello". Cute, huh? Wonder what Beamer would have had to say to him!
For all of you RV folks out there - we found a really nice toy hauler motorhome on display at one of the venues. It was a Newmar mid-engine diesel with plenty of room for a couple of motorcycles. I bet the price of fuel has put a dent in the sales of these units now.

One last photo for today. This is the custom paint on our friend John's Harley. Everywhere we parked, there would be several folks stop by to admire it. Believe it or not, he's from Canada ! (Of course they admired our bike too - but we did see three or four Harleys like ours)

I promise to post scenery photos tomorrow! Maybe even a food photo! Not too many more motorcycles though!


sarah said...

you are a blogging fool this week, aunt j! :) keep 'em coming.

oh. we have TONS of food photos for you coming up.

Janet said...

I can't wait!