Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Mother's Day !

The bags are packed, the maps have been studied, the two (yes, two!) gps's are programed, the reservations made and the Harley has been cleaned and waxed. We will be truly "on the road" this Mother's Day weekend. We are off on a road trip that will challenge our endurance and our courage - just hopefully not our marriage!

I am sure that fifty-some years ago, this young mama had no idea what silly things this baby would try! But I'm sure she'll be watching over us as we're off on this adventure. And really, she's probably not all that surprised!

As I was going through the box of old photos, I was thrilled to find this one. There aren't too many of all four of us together. It's a great photo of our parents (and K too) but I look extemely bored! It's amazing how much my sister's and my oldest daughters look like each of us. But I guess we look a lot like our parents too! So a special Mother's Day wish should go to K. Thank you for boxing up all the old photos and saving them for me!
I will try to post a photo or two from the road next week, if the iphone and blogger cooperate. Until then - have a great weekend!

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Jessica said...

Be safe Aunt Janet and Happy Mother's Day! Keep posting the old photos - they are the best. :)