Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We've been lucky!

I will not complain about weather in Southern Indiana. I will not complain about weather in Southern Indiana..... maybe I should write this fifty times! At least I will not complain about the weather as long as we don't get the awful ice and snow that some of you have. Hope our Kansas (and Missouri and Oklahoma) friends and relatives are all coping well.

It was actually 74 here yesterday and Dennis left work a "little" early so we could take the new bike out on the road. I haven't been on it since the first little 30 minute ride we took the day after we picked it up. I tucked myself into my own little easy chair/carseat and we headed up the road to Madison. It is so much more comfortable to ride than the Yamaha but no inner thigh workouts trying to hang on. No worries about falling off either! In fact I could probably fall asleep on boring trips. We've got the headsets now so we could listen to Christmas carols on the radio but still talk to each other without yelling over the wind noise. We're anxious to take a longer trip now but that probably won't happen for a few months. No photos of the trip, sorry. We did stop for a late lunch (early supper) and shop at a couple of the little shops on Main Street for a couple of spur of the moment Christmas gifts.

Thought I'd share this photo of my old St. Nick. He's kind of got an interesting story. My maternal grandmother was quite the gardener and also had a lot of house plants. Evidently she loved to use this paper Santa in her Christmas arrangements but at some point forgot to protect his feet from the water used to keep the greenery fresh. So poor old Santa lost his legs. When I was little, I remember his feet were two wooden spools. Now he sits on my mantle, with his handicap hidden by the artificial greenery. Even after all these years, he can still bring a smile to our family, handicapped or not!
Have a good day!

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Martha said...

Hi Janet -- I think it was warmer there in Indiana than it was in Southern California yesterday -- it's only been in the 60s here this week! And I like your legless Santa :)