Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas with big kids, dogs and exciting news!

Christmas 2007 has come and gone and I'm late getting anything posted about our exciting and busy week. We were lucky to have all the kids home for the holidays this year and no one had to fight bad weather and roads to get here. J & J brought T & L to meet "little" Leo and they had a great time getting acquainted. Next time they meet T & L will be dwarfed by the puppy. It was such a busy few days, that unfortunately I didn't get many good family photos. It seems like we were either cooking, eating or un-wrapping presents (with a long game of monopoly and several games of mexican train dominos thrown in).
This is one of my favorite photos of the week - J and his dog (complete with bandana - sorry other J !) It's always nice to have the kids around again. No matter how old they get - they're all still kids at heart!
J & J and B & N show off their gifts from big sis E. Popcorn bowls decorated with their favorite teams. Goofing around as usual. ( Please note - N is NOT making an obscene gesture !)

Okay - now I can announce the exciting news ! J & J are going to make us grandparents this summer! We are very excited to be grandparents - just not sure if we want to be called Grandpa and Grandma! That sounds so old ! Poor J wasn't able to enjoy the holiday meals very much but hopefully that will get better soon. They are both going to find that holidays will definitely be different from now on. J is showing one of the projects I'd been trying to get done by Christmas (we've known the "news" for a couple of weeks). The piecing is done, so now she'll have to leave it here so I can get busy quilting. My other projects included aprons for all the girls. I intended to get a photo of them modeling them but guess I never got that organized! Leo has happy to have lots of attention from everyone including a cat lover like E! Poor Beamer was confined to the master bedroom and bathroom for a few days. He was happy as long as he didn't see the rest of the animals.
With so much food around, I should have gotten some other photos. This is the tenderloin we had for Christmas dinner. No turkey this year. The ham was on Sunday and a new tradition of Cioppino (Italian seafood stew - even though we're not Italian!) on Christmas eve. I didn't even get around to baking cookies this year, just some coffee cakes and quick breads for gifts. B has turned into the cookie baker of the family and brought over more goodies than we could eat! On Wednesday after Christmas Dennis and I took off for a holiday trip to Arkansas to visit his dad and stepmom. We pulled the Harley in the trailer in hopes we could get to ride in an area of warmer weather. I'll get a post together about how that turned out and the rest of our trip later this week. So here it is, 10:45 on New Year's Eve and we sit here trying to keep our eyes open until the new year arrives. So I guess we are old!

Happy 2008 everyone


JD said...

Thanks for a great Christmas and I cannot wait to see the finished quilting project. Can you send the pictures via kodak so I can have some copies? Thanks!

JD said...

Oh and grandma and grandpa doesn't make you sound old, it makes you sound loved and special!

Janet said...

JD - I'll send the photos later today. I can't wait to see your finished project to go with the quilt!!

When you say it that way - it sounds so much better. So which one of us is Loved and which one is Special? :)

Are you supervising the basement remodel today?