Sunday, June 25, 2017

Creede June 4-11

When I first discovered blogging I was mainly interested in quilting and crafting blogs and tried my hand at sharing my attempts at those things along with our travels which at that time were mainly by motorcycle.  But I was also reading Howard and Linda Payne's RV-Dreams Journal and then gradually added more RV related blogs to my reading list.  One of those I recently started reading was Dave and Diane Throwing Caution to the Wind. Last year they visited Colorado and mentioned staying at Mountain Views at Rivers Edge RV Resort in Creede.  When we began making our tentative plans I remembered thinking it might be a good place to stay in an area that neither of us had been. This RV park has both regular sites and leased sites which have improvements such as patios, gazebos and beautiful landscaping.  We were happy with our regular site in the park side but when we come back, we will try to book one of the resort sites that have been placed in the rental pool.  We did have a beautiful view out the front of our coach looking toward the little town of Creede. 

Unfortunately, this was not our view but one from one of the premium sites right on the Rio Grande River.  Maybe next time!

This was our site overlooking the mountains on the way to Creede.  The size is generous and the rock keeps everything tidy, but makes for difficult walking in the evenings.

This is a zoomed photo taken from one of the jeep roads in the area.  You can see our home there on the front row with the tan awnings.
On our first full day in Creede, we made a stop at the visitor center to get information on the Bachelor Loop tour.    While there we met another couple who happened to be staying at the same campground who were interested in driving their Jeep on the loop also.  So we followed them and had a nice afternoon ride.  It was kind of a cloudy day, so my photos on this trip didn't turn out the best.  

My best photo on this trip was one of the current residents of the Bachelor Mine loop!

Meeting new friends led to meeting more new friends and another off-road adventure another day. It was nice to share our time here with Brenda and Scotty and Margo and Chad!  I'm not sure if they will ever read this, but we hope our paths cross again some day!

We enjoyed a visit to the Mac Mine, a little food truck,  and even got a tour of the owner's new tiny house.  Cute!  But I think we'll stick with our motor home!

Our stay in this quaint little town was during their Birthday Celebration which included a Donkey Dash.  A fun way to send our last full day in the area.  We think we'll be back again someday as there is still much more to explore in the area!

 Campsite visitor - A Mountain Bluebird!

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Thimbleanna said...

Boy, you're living the life! It looks like you're having a grand time -- how fun to meet so many new people. I hope you're managing to stay cool -- it was really HOT when we were out there last week!