Sunday, April 30, 2017

Gunter Hill Re-Visited April 16-17

Easter Sunday was a travel day of just a little over a hundred miles  to Gunter Hill C.O.E. Campground near Montgomery, AL.  

We actually have been to this campground a few years ago with our Pleasure-way Pursuit.  You can read about that trip (and it's drama!) here and here. But we enjoyed our quick stay then and knew we would be back someday.  Our site this time was extra long and quite private.  With full hook-ups (FHU) we could do some laundry and spend a couple days exploring the area.  This leg of our trip wasn't without a little drama too.  On the way across the city, Dennis had to make a "quick" stop as a light turned red.  We've gotten into a habit of making sure that everything is put away or "buttoned" down for travel, but I do have a small wooden bowl that sits on the bathroom counter way in the back of the coach.  It holds a few odds and ends and today it had coins, earrings and my favorite gold pearl/diamond ring.  We've never had a problem with it moving around during travel, until then.  It came all the way  up to  my seat in the front.  We couldn't figure out how it got that far since there is no clear path with the slides and bed pulled in.  Anyway, to make a long story shorter, we spent the first hour and a half at our campsite hunting for the contents of the bowl.   The earrings and coins were found right away, but of course the ring was not.  I was afraid it was caught in one of the slide out mechanisms, but FINALLY, after inspecting just about every inch of the coach, D found it under the brake pedal.  As far as it could be from it's launching point!  (That bowl now is stowed away in a cabinet for travel 😀)

On Monday we took a little drive to downtown Montgomery where we stopped at the Visitor's Center located in the old Union Station.  I love when old floors mimic quilt designs!  

The city has a nice walkable self-guided Civil Rights History Tour so we spent the afternoon getting our steps in and learning more about a tumultuous time in our nation's history.  

Alabama State Capitol Building 

Civil Rights Memorial

Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church along the Civil Heritage Trail where the Montgomery Bus Boycott began.

We enjoyed our little walking tour of the city.  It was a quiet, warm day, and not many people were out.  In addition to the Civil Rights history, there was an interesting Hank Williams museum and gift shop.  The remainder of our stay in the area was uneventful.  Just a little bike riding, cleaning and a quick dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.  

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