Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

On the new Weight Watchers Points Plus Plan, you can pretty much have as much fruit as you want.  Does this qualify?  I think it does, on Valentine's Day at least!!
Though I'm not so sure about the cookies that the family cookie baker delivered today, even if they are delicious - not that I would know that or anything :) 

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Valentine's Day.  Even if there's not a special someone in your life, I hope you've taken time to do something special for yourself today.  So have that cookie, or chocolate, or manicure or massage.  But don't forget to say " I love you" !  Even if it is to yourself!

PS:  I love my blog readers!  Thank you for not giving up on me and my infrequent postings!


Thimbleanna said...

YUM -- those goodies look perfect for Valentine's Day! I decided that we can cheat for a week to consume all that chocolate LOL!

joeks said...

Those strawberries and cookies look wonderful!

Your posts don't seem infrequent at all compared to another nameless blogger < cough,cough > I know quite well! Certainly not giving up on you! (sorry I don't comment more often)