Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Two !

Last weekend was the Big  Birthday Party for two special two year olds.  Grandson J has a friend who is just a few days younger, so the moms combined forces for a fun filled party. 

Here they are with some of the gifts we brought.  Grandpa made the little bench using his newest woodworking machine and I made the little "princess-in-training" t-shirt using my new embroidery machine.  So we're finally putting them to good use!  I think I've been more productive with mine since I've embroidered several kitchen towels and pillowcases lately.  Of course, D would argue that his is much more complicated - and he's probably right!

We had a wonderful weekend visit with these two grandsons! 
Someone is growing up soooo fast and showing lots of personality!

A couple days of babysitting this busy grandson are in store this week.  His favorite thing to do is annoy Beamer (who is gradually becoming more tolerant of tail pulling!)

Like most of the country, we "enjoying" some steamy summer weather these past several weeks.   I've given up on most of my flowers in pots and the ones in the ground are suffering.  Our grass is starting to become slightly "crispy" and even though I said I wasn't going to, I dragged out the sprinkler and tried to green things up a little.  Today a few thunderstorms popped up with a little rain relief but the rest of the week is predicted to be just as hot.  We're supposed to participate in the Home Front Fight Memorial Ride this Saturday but with temps in the upper 90's, I'm not too excited about riding.  We might just go by and drop off our donation.  Yes, you may call me a wimp!  There is a trip planned in the near future, so I'll have some more blog material coming! 

Stay Cool!


Lori said...

Your grands are so adorable! Love the bench and tshirt too! Just think of all he can get in to now that he has a bench to stand on! :)

Thimbleanna said...

How cute -- Happy, Happy Birthday to your little two year old!

JD said...

I just love the picture of Joey and his girlfriend. It is so precious! Thanks for visiting. Glad you got to see Big Boy Billy and hear Joey talk and say 'la u papa'.