Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just Re-Arranging the Furniture

You might have noticed that I'm still doing a little remodeling around here. I'm trying to figure out the best way for posting some of my photos in a larger format.  I kind of miss the cute blog backgrounds though so I may go back to using those again.  Let me know what you think.  It's kind of like getting in the mood to re-arrange the furniture and then once you get it all done, discover that the original arrangement was the most practical!

In the meantime I'll share another photo from our trip to Stream Cliff Farm a couple of weeks ago.  The Radio Flyers were all lined up and ready to go at this garden center.  The photo in yesterday's post was from there also.  They have some of the prettiest, primitive type gardens there. We were there shortly after a morning shower and everything was so green, but I admit I did a little color enhancing, but not much. Their hydrangeas were beautiful too and I have a bunch of great floral shots that I should post from time to time this summer.  If you look closely in the garden path photo, you'll see a mirror at the end of the path and guess who is caught in the reflection! 

Meet my new toy!  Last week I received an invitation to a special service day event for Viking sewing machines at The Smocking Shop.  Since I've had my trusty Designer II for about eight or nine years and had never taken it in for service, I thought it was due for a little maintenance. (Though I love that machine and it has never given me any problems!)  Of course while I was there, they were offering demos on the top of the line Bernina 830.  If it would only cook dinner and clean the house, I could have been sold on it!   I've been thinking of getting some type of embroidery machine for some time so I decided to wet my feet with this little Bernette Deco 340.  So far I'm still just playing around with it and trying to figure out what projects I'd like to try.  I'm signed up for a class this Thursday so I'm looking forward to some help in figuring it out! 

Just like many of you, we've been having some serious summer weather around here.  Little Mr. D spent some time in Grammies pool last week to cool off.  It's hard to believe that he's got a birthday coming up soon! 

Fourth of July weekend will be here soon too.  It's going to look lie a family reunion around here with all the kids, grandkids and some great grands expected to descend upon us.  Can't wait! 


Thimbleanna said...

Nooooo!!!! You've gone to the dark side. But Whyyyyyy???? You've let the dreaded B into your house....I just don't know what to say anymore LOL!!!

Lori said...

I like the big pictures but also enjoy the fun backgrounds. Not much help, am I?

Linda said...

I love the bigger pictures. I would like to make mine bigger too, but I'm still learning the basics. Your grandson is so cute! Maybe one day I'll have one of those! I have a Viking machine and I just love it.