Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cure for Cabin Fever?

We needed a little dose of anti-cabin fever travel this weekend so a little road trip was planned.  But not on the Harley of course ! 
Though we've lived here in Southern Indiana for almost 10 years, we aren't very familiar with the city of Indianpolis.  Other than buzzing through on our way to the Chicago area, a couple of trips to the southern part of the city and a short visit a few years ago when we used to trap shoot east of town, we've not really explored much of the area.   This city has a lot to offer so I'm sure we'll have to come back again.  We drove through downtown and Monument Circle (the Soldiers and Sailors Monument pictured above) and the Historic District of N. Meridian St. until we found the interesting Broad Ripple area stopping at a few interesting shops along the way.  I kind of forgot to take photos of those areas.

We spent the night at the charming northern suburb of Carmel and had breakfast this morning at Bub's Cafe.  Of course we had to try their famous donut holes.  All I can say,  if these were the holes - the donuts must be huge!  We enjoyed these and remembered D's mom and the donuts she used to make.  My new favorite breakfast item to order is an egg sandwich, though I was tempted by the stack of 24  pancakes here!  (Just kidding!)

Downtown Carmel is now called the Carmel Arts and Design Center and on any other day rather than a rainy Sunday morning would be a great place to spend some time.  An antiques mall was open and this pretty booth full of antique dolls and china was nice.  See the woman with her shopping bags?  She's standing in front of the butcher shop and you can make out the legs of a gentleman sitting on a bench outside a little book store.  They're statues!  And many of their life like friends were stationed around town too. 

After a stop at a Woodcraft store for D and also Trader Joe's (if you are reading this Mr. Trader Joe - please consider opening a store near us!), we headed home.  I found an interesting quilt shop, but it was closed today.  All the more reason to venture out to this part of the state again! 
Daffodils from Trader Joe's were  $1.49 a bunch.  Maybe by the end of the week, I'll have some spring flowers!  When we got home, we found out it had been over 60 here today!  It wasn't near that warm "up north" but we had a nice little overnight trip anyway. 


Anonymous said...

We like Indy although we don't visit as often as we once did. Doc did his med school training up there (many, many, many moons ago, of course.)

Thimbleanna said...

I love Indy -- and now that my kids are there, I get more opportunity to visit. Haven't been to downtown Carmel -- although my DIL works very near there, so next time we'll have to pop in. And if you were in Broad Ripple -- you should have stopped in to The Flying Cupcake for some goodies!!!

JD said...

looks like you had a fun weekend in a fun city! there are so many things i would love to get out there and do, guess we will wait till the boys are older and we can get them to the indy museum. hope to see you soon.

Lori said...

Indy has always been a drive through for us too. We always try and time it at a non-rush hour time and get the heck through it. But you've now wet my appetite to see what it may have to offer. Those statues are so fun!