Sunday, January 17, 2010

Reporting in for Blogging Duty!

But at least I've got blogging material from this past week.  I spent the better part of the week getting better acquainted with this little guy!  Since his daddy was traveling far away for several days, I went to Missouri to spend some time with little J and his mommy who's supposed to be taking it easy with this pregnancy.  I'm not sure that I was too much help, but I had fun anyway!

The remnants of the previous week's weather were still evident when I arrived.  The first day we were together, little J and I enjoyed the warm sun and finished cleaning the driveway.  Other than that, we mostly played with some of this many toys or watched Dora or Diego dvd's and when he napped, I worked on my knitting skills.  I have now come to the conclusion that I was never meant to be a knitter.  Because if I was, here is where I would post a photo of the cute hats that had been produced for little grandsons.  No photo:( 

On  Thursday, I was thrilled to be able to meet with a fellow blogger.  Sharon's blog, Red Geranium Cottage, is one of the first quilty type blogs that I began to follow.  She's always got cute projects to show plus funny stories and comments.  I wish I had half the sewing and quilty talent that she does! We met at Magpies in St. Charles for lunch.  J came along as my chaperone but only managed to charm Sharon, the waitresses and other guests.  Thanks Sharon!  It was nice to get to know you better and in person!

The weather was beautiful the day we went to St. Charles.  Even with the snow melting it was warm enough for little J to pose for a pic on one of the street benches.

Isn't technology amazing?  Someone really missed his Daddy, but with the help of Skype and a webcam, he still got to watch Dad make funny faces and show some of his China souveniers.  I'm sure the entire family is happy to be back together tonight!

Thanks for a great week!

Yesterday was our son-in-law's 30th birthday.  B surprised him with a party at one of his favorite places, Bluegrass Brewing Company.  About 25 of their friends and family helped him celebrate his step "over the hill" ! 

We were supposed to be babysitting, but the little peanut wanted to help celebrate - and also cheer on his favorite team!  We had a sleepover at Grampa and Grammie's house so his parents could enjoy the evening.  Luckily, he didn't seem to mind!

Go Colts!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Awwww you have some cute little guys there in your life.
It was sooo nice meeting you and Joey. I cant wait for you to come back so we can lunch again. I could go for another salad right now and it's almost midnight. lol

Thimbleanna said...

How fun to meet Sharon -- she's a crack-up! Looks like you've had a busy week. And yes -- go Colts! We were in downtown Indy on Sat. night -- those colts fans are cah-razy!!!

JD said...

the pix of you and joey is cute! too bad he isn't smiling but you can tell he is happy in grammie's arms. thanks again for helping out last week, it was a pleasure to have you and i know joey enjoyed his time as well.

Anonymous said...

Love your post! How fun to meet Sharon, isn't she just wonderful. I just visited her blog too and saw your photo there. I feel lucky because I've had meet-ups with you and her both, and can't wait until the next time so we can meet again! Hugs!

Rhonda P. said...

What a cute little guy!