Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Not so secret now

It's wonderful to be able to create handmade gifts for your loved ones.  But sometimes that old saying "your eyes are bigger than your stomach" should be re-written to apply to quilting (or sewing,  knitting, painting or woodworking or where ever your talent might lie!) .  There are always so many things I'd like to make, especially at Christmastime. Most of them remain ideas floating around in my head and some of them are lanquishing on the floor of the sewing room closet.  But look!  I did get a few projects done! 

On one of our trips this fall, I found a book by Gudrun Erla called Fast & Furious Quilting As You Go .  These little quilts were fun to put together and I was able to whip them out pretty fast for our grandsons (and expected grandson!).

One other bigger project completed was this twin size quilt I made for our son and his wife.  After he made the comment recently that I'm always making things for the girls and the babies but that I've never made him anything I decided I'd better get busy!  I found a kit on Ebay using Moda's Pine Creek Crossing fabrics.  It has a northwoods look to it and some of the fabrics even have bears and moose (s?) on them in honor of their recent trip to Alaska.  Though it's not big enough for their bed it will be nice to curl up with on the couch in the  basement family room.   I used a new machine quilter for this one and I was quite pleased with her work. 

So these are some of the "secret" projects I've been working on.  Now it's going to be time to start another baby quilt! This one won't be quite so secret though.   J and I looked at fabrics last weekend and we both like the Goodnight Monkey and Funky Monkey fabrics by Erin Michael but there are a lot of cute little baby boy fabrics available now.  Another quilt shop trip might be in my future! 



Thimbleanna said...

Looks like you got some wonderful quilts done! Congratulations! I love that funky monkey fabric -- can't wait to see the new quilt!

JD said...

James and I love the northwoods quilt. It has already been used many times in the basement watching movies or wrapping Joey up for a nap. That was perfect fabric. Oh and plural for moose is moose, but if you want to annoy James say 'mooses'!!

Anonymous said...

Great quilts, Janet! Have fun sewing for that new grandbaby-to-be.