Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quilt Show

Last Friday I ventured across the county to the quilt show held at Edwardsville United Methodist Church.  The lighting wasn't photo friendly but you can tell there were some awesome quilts on display.  This is just a small portion of them.

This t-shirt quilt was quite impressive and it was huge!  I loved the setting fabric for the t-shirts.  Someday I might try one of these - at least that's the excuse I'm using for the stack of old shirts accumulating in my fabric closet!

This was my favorite at the show.  It belongs to Lora Nale (the link is for the shop where she works) who did both the piecing and quilting.  I think it was a favorite of many as I was lucky to get a photo when there was just one lady standing in front of this gorgeous quilt. 

Now for the quilt show at my house!  Since D has been busy with work "stuff" all week and weekend there's been no motorcycle riding.  So I've been trying to finish up some old projects along with starting some new.  This quilt is the B.O.M. from Among Friends for 2008.  My long arm quilter finished this up last spring and it's been waiting for the binding for several months.  Finished!  I might need to re-decorate one of the spare bedrooms so I can use it but it's only a twin size.  This is not my favorite color combination but it's growing on me! 

Someone else likes this quilt though.  Beamer thinks that any time I leave my sewing un-attended, it's intended for his use as a bed! 

Have a good week everyone!


joeks said...

I've saved stacks of t-shirts too, and I don't even quilt.
Maybe someday! :D

Michelle said...

I love your quilt Janet. I'm sure it WILL grow on you. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Janet, I love the colors in the BOM quilt. It looks really pretty!

Zlaty said...

I love the quilts on the show! Thank you for taking us a virtual show!

Happy sewing!


Thimbleanna said...

Your quilt looks great Janet! Looks like you enjoyed your quilt show -- I hope your local shows are better than ours on the other end of the state -- ours usually aren't that great -- sad to say. ;-(

OsageBluffquilter said...

I think Beamer has good taste in quilts. I like that one with just a touch of dark colors it's perfect.
I've made one T-shirt quilt, it was for a neighbor senior boy.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting. don't we just live for those comments!!!

Behind My Picket Fence said...

That is some serious eye candy there girl! I haven't been to a quilt show in quite a while so I'm glad you shared a few pics. Your quilt that you just bound is very unique. I like how the blocks on top & bottom are cut in 1/2. I can relate about the cat on the quilts - my cats do that all the time. But aren't they cute?

Aimee said...

I have made two t-shirt quilts-- one with my t's from high school (yes, it's old) and one with my oldest child's t's. While I didn't really enjoy making the first two, I love them and I recommend making a basic one first and then being creative with the next one. Those t's strectch like crazy!