Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chapter Two - Road Trip to Shaker Village

A little taste of Shaker Village, KY. We definitely picked the prettiest day of the week to show my sister and my niece this interesting Kentucky destination. The early morning fog burned off to clear blue skies and a light breeze. Perfect for walking around the historic buildings. After a very informative (and perhaps a little too detailed) lecture by one of the docents about the history of the village, we enjoyed touring the buildings on the grounds. If you're interested in the details of the Shaker life and their history in Kentucky, this is an interesting website. We began to think they had the right idea about storing furniture, clothing etc. The "shaker" pegs on the walls could be very useful when cleaning - just get everything out of the way!
The women and men lived in separate dormitories and they each had their own skills that they used to glorify the Lord. This quilting frame was set up in the women's dorm. My niece added her stitches to those of many past visitors.
The buildings were quite impressive some were very large. Though plain and simple, the structures were well built and beautiful.

We managed to add another famous event to our road trip without even trying. We didn't realize that our route down Hwy 127 would take us on the famous World's Longest Yard Sale. So on our way home we had to stop at at least one of the areas of tents and tables. Every little bit we'd see another group of yard sales set up along the road and cars and trucks with trailers would be slowing down to check out the bargains. We saw lots of interesting things - but with our car full of four adults, a baby in a car seat and a stroller and picnic lunch in the trunk we didn't have room to load up any bargains. (Thank goodness!)The baby in the car seat was entertainment for the trip! He was so good and got some practice putting up with four women on a road trip! I hope to be back tomorrow with Chapter Three - the Birthday Boy!

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