Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mmmm, Book Club

Last night our Little Book Club met at Mrs. D's beautiful home. With only five members, we definitely qualify as little. Lately, I'm not sure if we earn the Book part! But we certainly enjoy our monthly "meetings" and though we don't always find the time to read we always try to talk about books (among other things)! We've become good friends bound together by the love of reading but also by sharing the joys and trials of our lives as women in our fifties. And what do five (four last night since Mrs. W couldn't come) girls do when they get togther - they EAT! Mrs. D supplied this superb double chocolate cake from Sweet Stuff Bakery worth every calorie! One other highlight of the week - a trip to Among Friends. While my car was being serviced a few blocks away, I was able to spend some time browsing through some of the new fabrics. I know I've got enough to keep me occupied but I couldn't resist this from the American Heritage Collection by Windham Fabrics. Now I need some help coming up with a table runner pattern. I'm sure there's something in my quilt magazine collection - just need to spend some time hunting! Any suggestions are welcome though.Grandbaby #2 is taking his time to make his arrival. So no news yet. The parents-to-be are anxious, as is the rest of the family! I'm predicting a firecracker baby! Rest assured, I'll keep you "posted"!


Thimbleanna said...

What did you read this month? That cake looks delicioius!!!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Your book club sounds like fun. What books have you read. My sisters and I began a book club in 2002. We have 12 members now. I'm charged with keeping everyone on topic each month, since we tend to let our conversations wander too.