Monday, February 2, 2009

Another Monday Report

With nasty weather most of last week I do have something to show for it. It was good weather to stay inside and do what else, but sew! I started a couple of new projects. This one is sitting in front of me now, waiting for me to get the nerve to do a little free motion quilting again. It's a table runner from the Dandelion Girl leftover jelly roll pieces using a pattern from Heather Mulder Peterson's On A Roll Again book. I think this one is called Pickety Sticks. Finally, on Saturday the roads were clear enough for the delivery of my new kitchen appliances. The cabinets are progressing nicely, but still not ready for installation. But since we're not changing the arrangement of the kitchen, I was able to go ahead and have the new fridge and range installed. Aren't they pretty! The stainless steel really brightens up the room and the gas range is going to be wonderful, once I get used to it. I was actually able to make pancakes on the griddle without burning the first batch! I need to do some serious cooking though to enhance my cooking skills.

I have to admit that this was a diet buster. These are what B and I are calling Brookies. I found the recipe at Bakerella. If you haven't visited her blog, you're missing some yummy recipes and food photos. Check out the box of "chocolates" she's got on there today! Sorry I got sidetracked - these "brookies" are actually a box of brownies, made according to the directions, then a package of chocolate chip cookie mix, made according to the directions, and then dropped onto the brownie batter. The final touch is a chocolate ganache - not shown here, but yes, I did add later! We had a few friends over to watch the Super Bowl so I really did have an excuse to bake. Most of them are now in the (awesome!) freezer of my new fridge, waiting for our next guests!

So now that you know what I may or may not have indulged in lately, I can report to no one's surprise that I did not lose any weight again last week. Oh well. At least no gain.

But there is someone who has gained weight! Not too much, but just the right amount and looking very glowing too! Isn't she cute! I was able to tag along for her OB appointment last Friday and was able to hear grandbaby #2's little heartbeat and meet her nice doctor. Then we made a short trip to the mall to find some new clothes to cover her expanding tummy.

One last photo. When the sun finally came out last week, nature's beauty was abundant. Too bad that so many people are still suffering without their utilities and that so many trees have been damaged by the ice. Luckily, the trees at the subdivision entrance were spared and proudly wore their icy decor.

See you later!


Judy said...

Good job means not gaining anything either!

Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh, major appliance envy happening over here! Them're purdy LOL! I've been very tempted by that bakerella recipe, but haven't succumbed yet. And what a cute little baby bump -- VERY exciting!

Jill said...

We LOVE our gas stove...have been enjoying it for months now and can't imagine going back! Hope you continue to enjoy yours!

Congrats to B! She looks great! I have secretly been following her blog and tracking her progress. (Hope she doesn't mind!) As it turns out, I am about 5 weeks behind her. We are expecting #3 in August! (And although I certainly don't need any help expanding my waistline, I'm afraid I'm going to have to give those "brookies" a try!)

Jenessa said...

gorgeous appliances! no loss, but at least no gain either. i love bakerella too! have you seen gourmet mom on the go? wait, maybe sharon doesn't want us sharing those kinds of sites ;)