Friday, March 14, 2008

Almost Always Monthly Meeting

The (almost always) monthly meeting of Our Little Book Club was last night at the local Cheddar's restaurant - a family favorite. We've lately kind of gotten away from the book part of the club, but we still enjoy getting together and catching up. Food is always an important part of our "meetings"! I always look forward to getting together with these four wonderful women. But I must confess that last night, I completely forgot about our meeting! I don't know what happened, other than I had in my mind that yesterday was Wednesday, not Thursday. I even had the date programmed into my iphone. But that's what is nice about these girls - they completely understand a fifty-something woman's mindlessness!
Sorry for the poor photo quality girls, but a little fuzziness helps blur the lines! I usually carry my little Kodak with me but D had taken it on a business trip so I whipped out the iphone and this is the result of the hurried photo shoot.

A couple of years ago, Ms P had tried to get us all started journaling, even gifting us with nice hardbound notebooks. I think I made two or three entries in mine and I'm not sure if anyone else tried it or not. So when I began this blog adventure, I felt like I followed through with her suggestion in my own form of journaling. I think that she, along with Ms M, Ms C and Ms S are fairly regular readers so "HI" ! Your support is truly appreciated! Now - the challenge. Who will be the first to comment at the end of this entry?

I have a habit of browsing through several quilting blogs. It's not a bad habit - but sometimes a time consuming though entertaining and educational habit! I've added a few new ones to the list on the sidebar. If you want to see what else is out there in the blogging world - check some of them out. They all seem to be friendly! Today while reading Busy Little Quilter I found another blog that is having a quilt giveaway. So if you want to register for a darling free quilt, go to Old Red Barn Co. and tell them where you found out about it.

Speaking of quilts - I need to finish my BOM quilt block for Among Friends tomorrow. I think B is going along to shop (she's catching the q bug!). Catch you all later!

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