Sunday, October 28, 2007

Riding the Back Roads

Yes, we did get out on the motorcycle this weekend! We waited until today so at least the sun would be shining but it was still only about 50 degrees when we headed out. I dug deep in my drawer to find my "cuddle-duds" and a turtleneck sweater to put on under my jeans and coat. With the gloves, boots and full helmet that I usually wear, it wasn't too bad. Having Dennis sitting in front of me blocks most of the wind and the windshield and the "lowers" (wind deflectors) keep most of wind off of him. Of course, he probably wouldn't admit it if he was cold anyway! Some of you might know that we used to trapshoot quite a bit. We did that it all kinds of weather and many times on cold, windy days. Riding on the bike is much more pleasant than struggling with a heavy shotgun while shivering in bulky clothing and is so much more relaxing! So we were determined to take advantage of another pretty fall day and ride somewhere.We didn't go far, only over to the Ohio River and the little town of Bethlehem, Indiana. I've heard this is a popular place to mail Christmas cards and there isn't much there other than the post office. I guess we missed their big fall festival last weekend. Then we drove over to New Washington. There we stopped at A Step Back and tried their Sunday brunch.This is an old school building turned into a museum and gathering place. It made a nice stop to warm up and have lunch - though it was much more food than we needed! It reminded me of the old schoolhouse in Smolan, Kansas that my sister and I stopped at back in August. See my post in the August archives for photos. I think the food at The Hickory Tree was better but it was more of a Sunday dinner than a brunch.

It always amazes me the interesting places that we can find by just driving some of the back roads. We came across a pretty farm with a sign that read Spring Hill Farm Camp. They have a website so if you have a moment, check it out. It looks like a neat place especially for folks with disabilities. I little farther down the road we came across a large fenced area with several buffalo grazing. I would imagine they are being raised for their meat as it is more and more popular in stores and restaurants around here.

That was pretty much it for the day today. We did make a trip to Target and Dick's Sporting Goods with a stop at B & N's house to check on the kitties. They went to St. Louis for the weekend, B & N that is! And the kitties were quite comfortable on the bed.

Yesterday we drove (in the car) up to Indy to check out Stouts RV. We've been dreaming of the possibility of trading up from our little travel trailer to a motor home. But at this time, I think it will remain just that, a dream! At least we had a nice drive in the car and had great Italian food at Johnny Carino's before heading home.

Hope you all have a good week. I'm trying a new pilates class tomorrow so hope I'm not too sore to blog !!

Don't let the ghosts and goblins get you!


Pat Dugan said...

Hi Janet,

Sounds like a fun weekend! We spent ours cleaning house and building a greenhouse. Anyway Dad is working on getting the spot ready to put one on the side of his shop that faces the house. We now have too many big tropicals to move them inside so he's designed a small greenhouse from materials he already has (imagine that!) and is excited to try his ideas. We've closed the pool :( for another year and are generally getting ready for the winter. Have had 6.65" inches of rain in October so it looks to start early.

Thanks for the update!


Karen said...


I will try again. I tried to post to the previous blog last night to let you know how good the cookie recipe is.

Your weekend trips sound fun.

Take care,